The Way Life Goes


I know it’s been awhile wordpress (if anyone even pays attention to my blog lmao)(btw this is gonna be a short one). My classes have really been taking up my time and when I’m not doing work, I’m enjoying the spare time by watching youtube lmao. Today in particular tho, I found out that I got a fucking 93% on a midterm that I thought I was gonna fail. This 93 solidified that I can really do anything I put my mind to. These past two years in college, I’ve been getting the lowest grades in my life, GPAs been looking like trash. So the fact that I got an A on my midterm means to me that everything will be okay (thus the sound choice lmao). So I just wanna say to anyone going through something, whether it be financial, physical, academic, mental…ANYTHING, that you WILL get through it. Even though it may not be when you want, all your suffering will end at some point or another. Just continue to work as hard as you can to get past the bad. Looking back over these past few years, I have really come a long way. And I know I couldn’t have done it without God and the people that he sent to me for me. I couldn’t imagine life without the support that I receive. Everything is slowly but surely coming together for me and I can’t wait to see my final form. And for once, I feel like I can actually finish this school thing…because fuck my anxiety, right?



Author: soundtrackofmyanxiety

adriana | 21 | MD & NJ | Just a girl with anxiety trying to find a way to her dreams

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