Sky Walker


I’ve literally been obsessed with this song since it came out. Miguel is one of those artists that can do no wrong in the studio, and he’s 100% himself while doing it. That’s his vibe for this entire song…being hella unapologetic for being him. I’d like to think I’m similar to Miguel in a way. I try to be original and organic in everything I do, whether it’s with clothes, the music i listen to, etc. Actually, one of my biggest pet peeves is when someone is either a bandwagoner or a copy cat. I think that’s why I’m starting to not like NJ as much as I first did. Mostly everyone I meet here (the black people lmao) always have to indirectly copy what someone else wears or says. Or they bandwagoning the newest wave when it comes to music. Idk, maybe I’m just over-reacting but I just really can’t stand it. Being from a place like the DMV where everyone does their own shit and is so creative, it’s just so weird to me that you’d copy someone to fit in. I feel like it’s one thing to see a piece or a trend that you like and say “omg that’s cute, imma totally add that to my collection” and then mix it in with your own thing. But it’s another thing to totally copy it verbatim and what not. Idkkkkk, I rarely see anything original anymore. I can easily walk out my door and tell you somebody’s style with one look at them (THAT SHOULDN’T BE A THING). Originality is one thing that’s not really prominent in this generation (this is just my opinion lol). I mean don’t get me wrong, people like SZA, Tyler the Creator, A$AP Mob, and even Uzi bring hella originality (im sure there are more but you get the gist) . But I feel like we need that one person to come and get people off their asses and encourage creativity and originality. Maybe that person is me. Maybe I’ve been through all of this so I can spread this message. I believe that I can be that voice for young people and give them hope that they can be comfortable in their own skin. Because my anxiety doesn’t control me, right?



Author: soundtrackofmyanxiety

adriana | 21 | MD & NJ | Just a girl with anxiety trying to find a way to her dreams

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