It’s been awhile wordpress. Sike, it’s only been like a week lmao. But I’m finally back after recovering from Panorama. Let me tell you, seeing my two idols (Solange and Frank Ocean) was unreal. Like I have no words.  Anywho, onto today’s song/topic. So this song is from Moonchild’s newest album Voyager (I will forever be indebted to The Internet for recommending them, they are CRAZY good). In Cure, Amber is basically saying that love can be a cure for heartache and pain. And I think this is true to some extent. I feel like, in my case, that self-love is important for me to get over this hump in life right now. In this point in time, I’m just floating through life not really sure how to do the things that I want. I don’t even know how to start working towards what I want. I mean, I know for sure that I wanna do something relating to music, but what if I never get there? Or what if I do get there but I end up hating the spotlight? Do I even WANT to be in the spotlight? I get so unsure of myself and my abilities and I think it’s because I don’t really love and trust myself. I can’t really believe in myself if I’m not confident about who I am and what I’m about. This blog has made me realize that I have to accept my flaws in order to get through to the positive qualities and ultimately grow wiser and love myself. So, as of now, I’m gonna push myself to write on here consistently and start reading books that can help better myself. Maybe I’ll even start watching TED Talks lmao. Although I have this voice saying that my writing is trash (it lowkey is lmao), I’m gonna try to ignore it keep going. Because that’s just my anxiety talking, right?



Author: soundtrackofmyanxiety

adriana | 21 | MD & NJ | Just a girl with anxiety trying to find a way to her dreams

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